Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massage has its origin, more than 2,500 years ago, in India. But its development and evolution occur in Thailand.

It consists of performing pressures and body extensions, similar to shiatsu and the asanas that are performed in yoga. It can be said that it is "yoga for lazys".

When performed, it acts on the muscles, connective tissue, and the body's energy lines, called "Sen lines." This is why Thai massage has a holistic approach. The human being is the set of body, mind and spirit (energy). and for the person to find his center these three aspects have to be in balance.

Some of the benefits it brings us are:

- Helps to unblock the body energetically, balancing the physical, mental and emotional energy.

- Eliminates stress and tension, both from the body and the mind.

- Reduces muscle and joint pain.

- It helps us improve self-esteem.

- Strengthens the immune system.

- It brings serenity.

It becomes a moving meditation, having healing effects for both the recipient and the masseuse.

It promotes the healing and detoxification process, in addition to opening and softening the body.

Masaje de espalda

Massages with Pindas

To the traditional Thai massage is added the application of a few sachets of fabrics filled with aromatic, medicinal plants and spices, which are heated by steam and applied to different parts of the body. It works on the muscles of the body and Sen energy lines.

The heat and humidity of the sachets, makes the medicinal herbs inside penetrate through the skin and muscles, achieving a feeling of deep relaxation of the body.


Some of the benefits it brings us are:

- It favors the corporal and mental relaxation.

- Decreases muscle and joint pain.

- Helps drain lymph

- Stimulates the circulatory system.

- It is also highly recommended for skin care as it helps to eliminate toxins and also keeps it elastic and toned.

- It is very hydrating.

- Highly recommended in cases of rheumatic diseases due to its great anti-inflammatory effect.

Piedras de masaje