MelkTemn Aerial Yoga Swing Yoga Hammock / Aerial Yoga / Yoga Trapeze, Anti-Gravity Nylon Taffeta Swing Sling Inversion for Hanging and Relieving Back Pain, for Gym, Home

€ 58.99 on Amazon Prime

MANLI Yoga Hammock Taffeta Nylon Antigravity Swing Sling Inversion for Aerial Yoga

Color: Blue

€ 63.99 on Amazon Prime

TOPLUS Non-slip Yoga Mat Yoga Mat Pilates Mat Sport Mat- with Shoulder Strap 183cm x 61cm

€ 36.99 on Amazon Prime

INTEY Non-slip Cork Yoga Mat, Superior TPE with Auxiliary Line 183mm x 66mm x 7mm, with Shoulder Strap

€ 29.98 on Amazon Prime

JIM'S STORE Foam Block Strap, High Density EVA Exercise Yoga Block to Improve Strength and Flexibility Yoga Pilates Lovers

€ 14.99 on Amazon Prime

Pibe Bloque Yoga Corcho Natural Pack 2 Piezas Ecológical of high Density 22,5 x 12 x 7,5 Cm brick Yoga Block Cork para Pilates and Yoga excercise. Corcho Natural from Portugal


€ 22.90 on Amazon Prime

Sanz Marti - 140x200 Thick Mudanzas Blankets Made in Spain 1 Blanket - Green - Although they are blankets for moving, they work perfectly for yoga practice

€ 14.90 on Amazon Prime

A perfect cover to transport your yoga mat.

If what you are looking for is comfort and something compact and esy to carry, this case is for you. The Boence case is made of sturdy canvas, with smooth zippers, adjustable strap, and Large Functional Storage pockets.

€ 15.88 on Amazon Prime

Boence Yoga Bag, Printed Canvas Large Yoga Mat Bag Sports Gym Storage Bag.

Although this bag is a little more expensive, it has in its favor that you can carry all your yoga equipment in one place and not to mention how beautiful it is. With its size 27 "x 8" x 8 "you will not be left anything out. Fully recommended

€ 24.98 on Amazon Prime

Chic@s this belt is very good, not only for its quality and price, but also for the fact that it comes in various sizes to adjust to your needs, I as a personal recommendation I would tell you to buy the longest of 3m, 

REEHUT Yoga Strap (1.8m, 2.4m, 3m) - Belt with Metal Buckle D-Rings Polyester Cotton Resistant for Stretching, Fitness, Pilates and Flexibility Exercises

€ 6.99 on Amazon Prime

Well, as you already know that all good things come to an end , well summer is not an exception, so I bring you this option for all of you who have asked me about socks to practice yoga. I have not particularly used them, but I have good references from people who does and they  say are wonderful for yoga.


Zacro 4Pcs Sports Women's Non-slip Yoga Socks for Indoor Exercise, Comfortable Pilates, Yoga, Fitness, etc (Black and Gray)

€ 10.99 on Amazon Prime

At the request of many of you who have asked me about these tights/leggins that apart from being super comfortable ... Umm, you could say that they help highlight all those efforts in your Asanas. Here you have the link to these cool tights.
FITTOO Tights Sports Pants Leggings Women Yoga High Waist Big Elastic Fitness

€ 18.99 - € 19.99 on Amazon Prime

Bands: It is important to maintain the balance between strength and flexibility, especially if we want to start doing inverted postures. These bands are a great complement to our practice and a fundamental element in our YOGAP classes.

INTEY Elastic Bands, 13 PCS Latex Resistance Bands - 5 Latex Tubes / Protective Cover / Handles / Door Anchor / Ankle Straps / Carry Bag

€ 29.98 on Amazon Prime

These Bands are a complement to the previous ones, but they can also be worked individually. I like this a lot because I can work in an isometric way and it helps me to maintain a correct body position. I use both individually and together

Gritin Elastic Fitness Bands / Resistance Bands, Set of 5 Elastic Fitness and Bodybuilding Tapes in Skin-Friendly Natural Latex with Spanish Exercise Guide and Storage Bag

€ 13.99 on Amazon Prime

Ball: For pregnant women, this ball helps us prepare the hips for childbirth, and relieve pain in the lower back. And for those of you who are not pregnant it can help you to work abdominal strength, arms and balance.

REEHUT Anti-Burst Exercise Ball for Yoga, Balancing, Fitness, Training, including Pump and User Manual - 55cm 65cm 75cm

€ 14.99 on Amazon Prime